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of New Life in Christ

discipleship materials
(in different languages)

What do you do when someone accepts Christ?

How do you disciple them?

What do they need to know?

How do you help them form the basic habits necessary for their Christian life?
The New Life In Christ discipleship manuals were designed to help Christians grow. The lessons will help new believers take their first steps towards victory in their Christian life.

The original volume was written in Spanish, and later translated into English, French, Portuguese, and many other languages. Click here to download free copies.


Evangelistic Volume:
Who is Jesus Christ?

Use this volume, with 6 lessons, to present Chrsit to those who do not know him yet.



Living Free by Knowing the Truth:
Biblical answers
to comon lies


Volume 1
This is designed for new believers, but is also useful for all believers, especially those who were never discipled at the beginning of their Christian life. It's lesson titles are:

  • Saved!
  • Secure!
  • Victorious!
  • Lord of All
  • Living in the Spirit
  • God Speaks to Me
  • Talking with God
  • Meeting with God Every Day
  • My Church
  • Witnessing!
  • Baptism and Communion
  • The Family
  • Following Jesus

Volume 2
Continues with fifteen more lessons for new believers, as well as for those who have known the Lord for some time.

  • Knowing God
  • Christ my example
  • Called to serve
  • Who am I in Christ?
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • The Armor of God
  • Forgive to be free
  • Forgive me
  • Called to be holy
  • The Christian and his money
  • I can do it, but should I?
  • Discernment
  • Sharing Christ
  • The future
  • More about the future

Volume 4
Freedom through truth. Biblical answers to common lies:

  • The lies lthat bind us
  • Thetruth that frees usus
  • Lie: I’m all alone
  • Lie: It`s impossible
  • Lie: I can do it
  • I’m afraid
  • But...everyone else does it
  • There is no justice in the world
  • God won’t forgive someone like me
  • I can’t take it. Why do we suffer?
  • Money is everything (materialism)
  • All religions lead us to God





Volumen 3
Consists of a study of the "one another" passages in the Bible. It focus on living together in unity with others:

  • Love one another.
  • Encourage one another.
  • Serve one another.
  • Bear with one another.
  • Forgive one another.
  • Accept one another
  • Receive one another
  • Exhort one another.
  • Admonish one another..
  • Greet one another.
  • Offer hospitality to one another.


    Volume 5
    Living free by knowing the truth. More biblical answers to common lies:

    • Don’t judge. Be tolerant!
    • I don’t feel like a new creature
    • Hypocrites in the church
    • Machismo (male chauvinism)
    • Real men
    • The modern woman
    • The gospel and prosperity
    • Prosperity, Part 2
    • Am I still saved?
    • I have questions before I receive Christ
    • Now what? The truth or lies?



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