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New Life in Christ is available in the following languages:

- New Life in Christ   
     Evangelistic Volume - Who is Jesus Christ?
     Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3      Volume 4      Volume 5

     English-High Quality for Professional Printing

Spanish - Nueva Vida En Cristo
     Evangelistic Volume - ¿Quién es Jesucristo?

     Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3       Volume 4      Volume 5      Volume 6  
     Spanish High Quality for Professional Printing

Spanish For Spain  
     ¿Quién es Jesucristo?      Volume 3      Volume 4

French - La Nouvelle Vie en Christ      

     Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3
     Volume 4

Portuguese - Nova Vida em Cristo

     Evangelistic Volume Quem é Jesus Cristo?
     Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3      Volume 4      Volume 5
     Volume 6

German - Neuses Leben in Christus
     Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3

Italian - Nuova Vita in Cristo           
      Volume 1      Volume 2

     Nor da Jesu Kristo?

Haiti-Creole - Nouvo Lavi a Nan Kris
     Volume 1      Volume 2
     Volume 3

     Volume 1      Volume 2

     Volume 1

      Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3

Swahili - Maisha Mapya Ndami Ya Kristo
     Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3

Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) - Ubuzima Bushya Muri Kristo
     Volume 1

Malagasy (Madagascar) - Fiainam-Baovao Ao Amin'Kristy

     Volume 1

     Volumen 1

Miskitu (Nicaragua/Honduras)
     Volume 1

When you click to download a document, wait a moment, copy will open on your computer screen or appear on your desktop, which you may then print or save to a disk (use the "save as" command). Be patient, download times vary depending on your computer and your internet connection.

You may make as many photocopies of New Life in Christ as you need, as long as you cite the original source, and do not make any changes to its content or format.

If you wish to print quantities of the document for distribution you need to get permission by writing to the editor: info@nuevavidaencristo.org

The documents are available in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (now known as Adobe Reader). You may obtain a free copy of Acrobat Reader at the following website: http://www.adobe.com/

For access to additional free materials in Spanish go to www.obrerofiel.com where you will find materials dealing with evangelism, discipleship, Christian education, doctrine, missions, leadership, Christian life, music counseling, family life, women, youth and children.








High Quality for Professional Printing

Spanish - Volume 1--Alta Calidad
Spanish -Volume 2-_Alta Calidad
Spanish - Volume 3--Alta Calidad
Spanish - Volumen 4--Alta Calidad
Spanish - Volumen 5--Alta Calidad
Spanish - Volumen 6--Alta Calidad

Spanish - ¿Quien es Jesucristo?--Alta Calidad

English -Volume 1--High quality
English -Volume 2--High quality
English -Volume 3--High quality

Engllish - Volume 4--High Quality

English-Volume 5--High quality

English - Who is Jesus Christ--High quality

Special Versión for SPAIN
SPAIN - Volume 3--Alta Calidad
SPAIN - Volume 4--Alta Calidad
SPAIN - ¿Quien es Jesucristo?--Alta Calidad


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